Paint N Party is a paint-your-own-ceramic studio located inside of Golf Mill Mall in Niles, IL.

We offer two great concepts under one roof: Paint-N-Take and fired ceramics!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays after 5 PM we now offer special activities for adults. You can bring your own adult beverages (no hard liquor, please!) and we provide the cups, tablecloths, and napkins in our separated seating area. 

Walk-ins can choose from:


Paint - N - Take Ceramics

Painting your ceramics is easy with paint-and-take ceramics. Simply paint your piece with our fast-drying, water-based paints in our studio or in your own home.

Colors stay true so you know how your piece will turn out once it is completely dry.

How it Works: Just purchase your ceramic and receive free use of our paint, sealer, glitter, and gloss to complete your item. Your item will be ready to take home after 30 minutes of drying.


Fired Ceramics

Paint your ceramics using fun glazes that provide a beautiful, sophisticated finish.

Once fired, your items will be food and microwave safe.

How it Works: Fired items cost the price of the item plus a $3 glazing and firing fee. You have free use of our glazes, detail pens, sponges, and stencils to complete your item. Glazed items will be ready to take home in 7 days.